Renew Qatar Driving License Online 2024

Renew Qatar driving license is quite simple now. Qatar is now more inclined towards technology and digitalization so the Ministry of Interior (MOI) is moving all its departments online, the traffic department also has become online and now you can renew your driver’s license online as well. If you do not have a driving license you can simply apply for Qatar Driving License.

This is a great initiative by MOI to make everything online. Earlier, It was hectic to visit the traffic department and stand in a long queue waiting for your turn to renew your driving license but now it is very simple to visit an online e-Service by MOI or Metrash2 mobile application to renew a Qatar Driving license within a few minutes by sitting at home.

Here in this article is a brief detail about the renewal of a Qatar Driving license online.

How to Renew Qatar Driving License Online?

Initially, you had to wait for a whole day in a long queue of people for renewal of Qatar driving license. A big round of applause to the Ministry of Interior which shifted all of its departments online.

If you are holding a Qatari vehicle license (QID). You can easily renew your license online by using e-Services by MOI or Metrash2 Mobile Application. You should have a smart card for e-Services by MOI, It is not common to have a smart card so that’s why most people use Metrash2 app because it only needs a debit or credit card for online payments.

You have another option by visiting the Traffic Department physically to renew your license.

Do You Know?

Please Note that you can renew your driving license online when it expires or prior to six months of its expiry, lost theft.

Criteria for Renewal of Qatar Driving license

If you are applying online for renewal of driving license, you only need a smart card for e-Services by MOI and a debit card or credit card for the Metrash2 mobile application.

You should have your old license and debit/credit card along with you If you are applying physically directly at the Traffic Department.

Renew Qatar Driving License using E-Services by MOI

Applicants can renew their licenses or also can renew the licenses whom he/she sponsored by using the Ministry of Interior website. This is an official service under the traffic department for Qatari Residents holding a smart card. Follow these steps as mentioned below:

  • Login to the MOI website using your Smart card Id.
  • Click on the “Traffic Service” button
E-Services Homepage
E-Services Homepage
  • Click on the “Driving License” button
Driving License Page MOI
  • Click on “Driving License Renewal
  • Select “Renew Driving License” or “Another Sponspered Person
  • Verify the license information.
  • Clarify the new license delivery address.
  • Pay the fee & take the receipt as a pdf.

Note: If you don’t have a smart card you should visit the government’s portal website and check all the requirements. Or Use the Metrash2 app

How to Renew Qatar Driving License through Metrash2

It is an online mobile application with hundreds of services. Applicants need to register on the metrash2 app, and then follow the further steps.

  • Sign in to your application.
  • Select “Traffic Button”
Traffic Icon Metrash2
Select Traffic Icon
  • Select the “License Service” button
License Services Metrash2
License Services
  • Select the “Renew Driving License” button
  • Enter your QID.
  • Select your Delivery option Either “QPost” or “Traffic Department
Renew Qatar Driving License
Renew Vehicle License
  • For Qpost, Enter the mailing address including street name, zip code etc where you want to receive your new vehicle license.
  • Pay the use fee using a debit/credit card.
QTrack Official Documents
QTrack Official Documents

Hurray!! You gotta get your new Qatar Driving license within a week.

Alert: If you had selected a traffic department other than Qpost, You have to visit the traffic department to collect your license.

Track Your QPost Delivery Status

MOI has given great ease to the people of Qatar. You can easily track your Qpost delivery status by following the below steps:

  • Go to the MOI website.
  • Then, MOI Services => Qpost Services => QPost Request Tracking 
  • After this, Enter your QID and verify the given code, click on submit.
  • Now, This way you can track your Qpost delivery status.

Renew Driving License By Visiting Qatar Traffic Department

If You are not familiar with the internet or want to apply for your new license by visiting the traffic office, Or you want to get your license instantly then you have to follow a few steps:

  • Book a ride to the Traffic Department office.
  • Get your token from reception.
  • Do not forget to bring your old or expired license with you.
  • Wait for your turn till your number does not display on the counter screen.
  • Present your expired/old driving license at the counter.
  • Pay the fee and wait a few minutes to get your new license.

Qatar Driving License Office Timings

The Traffic Department is located on Khalifa Street, Madinat Khalifa. You can visit the office for the renewal of your Qatar License from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Now, After getting a license you can enjoy your driving on the beautiful roads of Qatar. You can save QR20 for Qpost and amazingly you can get your driving license within minutes, That is the benefit of visiting the traffic department office.

Fee Details For Renewal of Driving License Online

Qatari ResidentsNon-Qatari Residents
10 Years Validity5 Years Validity
QR 500 FeeQR 250 Fee
QR 20 For QPost DeliveryQR 20 for QPost Delivery
Fee Details of Renewal Driving License

Some Important Points to be aware of:

  • After the 30 days of your driving license expiry, you may have to pay a fine for renewal.
  • To deliver to your address it cost around qr20. To save qr20 you can visit traffic department and get it from there.
  • Driving without a valid vehicle license may cause you heavy fines or jail.
  • You break the law if you do not have a vehicle license in that category.
  • Always carry your valid motor license while driving. 
  • The validity of a license for Qatar is 10 years and 5 years for expatriates.

Penalty for Expired Driving License in Qatar

If your driving license has expired and you are still driving a vehicle in Qatar, please note that you will have to face a heafthy amount of fine about QR 1500. There are many other fines related to driving license in Qatar.


A: By using Metrash2 mobile application or by visiting the Ministry of Interior Website (E-Service by MOI).

A: 10 Years for Qatar Residents and 5 Years for Non-Residents.

A: YES, You can renew your driving license six months after its expiry.

A: You need to apply through the metrash2 app or the MOI website. You can also visit the Traffic department office physically.

A: According to Article 36 of Qatar Law No. 19 of 2007, the renewal of a Qatar Driving License shall be no later than thirty (30) days following the expiration date.

A: A driving license may be renewed only within six months ahead of or upon its expiry date.

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