List of Traffic Violations Qatar moi Fines (2024)

As the population of Qatar continues to grow and more vehicles take to the roads, the Traffic Department has implemented a strict and detailed list of traffic violations Qatar moi to improve safety and maintain the flow of traffic. By cracking down on dangerous driving behaviours and enforcing penalties for violations, authorities hope to reduce the number of accidents and keep roads safe for all users.

If you’re driving in Qatar, it’s important to know the rules of the road to avoid costly traffic fines. From speeding to illegal parking, there are a variety of offences that can result in fines, demerit points, and even jail time.

In this article, we’ll give you detailed information on the most common types of traffic fines in Qatar and what you can expect in terms of fines and penalties. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, understanding these laws can help you stay safe and avoid getting hit with hefty fines. So, let’s get started!

Types of Traffic Violations Qatar MOI Fines and Points

Qatar has a growing road network, but with more vehicles on the road comes an increase in traffic violations. To ensure road safety, the Qatar Traffic Department enforces strict traffic laws covering various offenses, including speeding and driving without a valid license or insurance.

Additionally, drivers in Qatar can check traffic violations and fines, which enables them to access details about any pending traffic fines or demerit points by providing their vehicle’s plate number. Here are the types of Traffic Violations:

Traffic Violations Fines
  • Over-Speed Traffic Violation
  • Intersection Traffic Violation
  • Driving Violations
  • Parking Violations
  • Emergency/ Official Vehicles Violation
  • Motor Cycle Traffic Violation
  • Vehicle Body Violations
  • Vehicle Horn Violations
  • Vehicle Registration Violations
  • Driving License Violations
  • Number Plates Violations
  • Commercial License Violation
  • Pedestrian Violations
  • Loaded Vehicles Violation
  • Lights Violation

Over-Speed Qatar Traffic Violations Fines

Speeding is a common traffic violation in Qatar with heavy traffic fines starting from QR 500 up to QR 10,000. To avoid penalties, drivers should obey the speed limit and adjust their speed according to the road conditions.

Sr.#Over Speeding Traffic Violations FinesFine Amount (QR)Demerit Points
1Speeding on the road results in a fine that increases by QR 100 for every 10 km/hour over the posted limit, up to a maximum penalty of QR 1000.500 – 1000Upto 4
1-aDriving at 10 km/hr over the posted speed limit500NIL
1-bDriving at 20 km/hr over the posted speed limit600NIL
1-cDriving at 30 km/hr over the posted speed limit7001
1-dDriving at 40 km/hr over the posted speed limit8002
1-eDriving at 50 km/hr over the posted speed limit9003
1-fDriving at 60 km/hr over the posted speed limit10004
2To ensure the safety and security of traffic on the road, sudden braking should only be applied in emergencies.300NIL
3Adjusting speed based on road conditions, vehicle conditions, load, and weather helps motorists to stop or slow down when needed.300NIL
4Unless there is a valid reason, driving a vehicle too slowly in a manner that obstructs the normal flow of traffic is not acceptable. The speed of the vehicle should be consistent with the road conditions, the state of the vehicle and its load, and the weather conditions.300 – 500NIL
5To ensure the safety and security of traffic on the road, sudden braking should only be applied in emergency situations.300NIL
6When slowing down, signal clearly and give enough time for others to react to avoid confusion and danger.300NIL

Intersection Qatar Traffic Violations Fines

Crossing a red signal at an intersection is a serious offense that endangers the lives of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. It can result in a fine of up to QR 6000 and 7 demerit points on the driver’s license, highlighting the importance of obeying traffic signals for road safety.

Sr.#Intersection Traffic Violations DescriptionFine Amount (QR)Demerit Points
1Disobeying automatic traffic signals, such as crossing a red light, poses a significant risk to everyone on the road and can result in severe penalties for drivers.60007
2Disobeying Manual traffic signals, such as crossing a red light, poses a significant risk to everyone on the road and can result in severe penalties for drivers.60007
3A driver who obstructs traffic flow at an intersection with automatic traffic signals, even when they have the right of way, can cause confusion and danger on the road.5003
4Not giving priority to other vehicles at multi-crossroad intersections can lead to hazardous situations on the road.300NIL
5Failing to give priority to vehicles on the left side of an intersection without specified signs or signals, or ignoring signals and signs that indicate priority, can result in dangerous situations on the road.300NIL
6A motorist does not give the right way to vehicles on a paved road at intersections where one road is unpaved can result in hazardous situations on the road.300NIL
7When entering a main road from a side road, it is important to give the right of way to vehicles approaching the main road to ensure road safety.300NIL

Driving Related Qatar Traffic Violations Fines

You must have a valid driving license to drive a motor vehicle in Qatar, and failure to produce one when asked by police can result in imprisonment for a minimum of one month, a maximum of three years, or a fines of QR 10,000 to QR 50,000.

Sr.#Driving Violation DescriptionFine Amount (QR)Demerit Points
1If a motorist fails to stay on the right side of the road as required by law.5001
2Failing to follow lane discipline while driving on the main road.5001
3If a driver exits, enters, turns, or reverses a vehicle without following the prescribed precautions by the law while reaching a side road or some point near the road.5001
4Driving a vehicle on a restricted road without written permission from the licensing authority or allowing someone else to do so is a traffic violation.500NIL
5If the motorist fails to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front, pay attention to its signals, or attempt to overtake from the right side.500NIL
6If a driver overtakes vehicles on unclear elevations, sharp turns, arched bridges, curves, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, or in places where overtaking is prohibited by traffic signals.500NIL
7Speeding up while another vehicle is overtaking.500NIL
8Overtaking when the vision is not clear.500NIL
9Disobeying road signs indicating directions set by the licensing authority.500NIL
10Overtaking vehicles carrying students in residential areas.500NIL
11Reversing a vehicle on the main road or at intersections, except in an emergency, is a traffic violation.15003
12If drivers of trucks, buses, goods vehicles, trailers or semi-trailers do not adhere to driving on the right side of the road or attempt to overtake other vehicles.30001
13Driving a vehicle in the opposite direction of traffic flow.60006
14Parking a vehicle in an unauthorized area on the expressway to perform a U-turn, turn left, or drive on the traffic island.60003

Qatar Parking Traffic Violations Fines

In Qatar, parking is free in most areas, but paid parking is available in busy locations. However, some shopping malls and commercial plazas charge for parking. Illegally parking, especially in reserved spots for people with special needs, can lead to fines and penalty points. List by MOI Traffic violation department as follow:

Sr.#Parking Violations DescriptionFine Amount (QR)Demerit Points
1Parking or waiting of vehicles at undesignated locations.3003
2To park or wait for vehicles only at assigned areas near pedestrian crossings or sidewalks.3003
3Parking or waiting on bridges, flyovers, and underpasses in non-designated areas.3003
4Parking or waiting on the main section of the road near elevations or curves is prohibited.3003
5Parking or waiting within 15 meters of crossroads, entrances to grounds, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, or public transport stations are prohibited.3003
6Parking or waiting on the main section of the road next to continuous, long ground signs where crossing is prohibited.3003
7Parking or waiting of vehicles without permission in front of private residences, garages, petrol stations, hospitals, first aid centres, fire and police stations, military zones, or educational institutions.3003
8Parking or waiting in a way that blocks or hinders the movement of other vehicles is not allowed.3003
9Park or wait on the side of the road next to another parked car.3003
10Do not park or wait in areas where it’s not allowed.3003
11Don’t park or wait in spots designated for people with special needs or others.3003
12Don’t park or wait in paid parking areas without paying.3003
13Don’t park or wait in paid parking areas past the time limit.3003
14Don’t block taxi parking or cause congestion in front of it.3003
15Don’t leave your vehicle on the road in a way that can cause accidents, traffic congestion, or unauthorized use by someone else.5003

Emergency / Official Vehicles Traffic Violation Fine

The Qatar Ministry of Interior (MOI) emphasizes the importance of clearing the way for emergency vehicles and not following them or exploiting their clear path.

Sr.#Emergency Vehicles ViolationFine Amount (QR)Demerit Points
1Don’t use emergency sirens unless there is an actual emergency for police, state security, civil defense, and ambulance drivers.2001
2Don’t follow emergency vehicles closely, and maintain at least 50 meters of space from them.500NIL
3Don’t overtake emergency vehicles with sirens, such as police, state security, civil defense, and ambulances.500NIL
4Allow emergency vehicles, such as police, security, civil defense, and ambulances, to pass through when they’re on emergency duty.500NIL
5Immediately move out of the way at intersections or junctions to let emergency vehicles pass.500NIL
6If there’s a non-injury accident and your vehicle can still be driven, move it to the nearest safe area or inform the police immediately.500NIL
7In case of an accident, provide your name and address, or the owner’s, to traffic police when asked.500NIL
8Don’t obstruct or attempt to join official motorcades or convoys, whether by vehicle or on foot.500NIL

Motor Cycle or Bicycle MOI Traffic Violations Fines

Various violations related to motorcycle and bicycle use on the road, including not wearing helmets, carrying passengers illegally, and reckless driving.

Sr.#Motorcycle or Bicycle Traffic Violation DescriptionFine Amount (QR)Demerits Points
1When riding bicycles or motorcycles between sunset and sunrise or during poor weather, use front, back, and side lights and a reflector on the back.300NIL
2Bicyclists should ride on the right side of the road, follow other bicyclists, and use designated bike lanes when available.300NIL
3Motorcyclists should use lanes designated for motor vehicles.3001
4Don’t carry passengers on a motorcycle or bicycle that isn’t designed for it.300NIL
5Always wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle, bicycle, or as a passenger in the back seat.300NIL
6Riding a motorcycle or bicycle with one hand or holding onto another vehicle, driving on one wheel, towing or carrying objects that obstruct traffic or endanger others.1500NIL

According to a recent statement by a high-ranking traffic official, it has been confirmed that driving at a slow speed in the left-most lane, which is commonly referred to as the “fast track,” without yielding to other vehicles, is also considered a traffic violation. Motorists who fail to comply with this rule may be subject to a fine of QR 500.

Qatar Traffic Police

Vehicle Body MOI Traffic Violations Fines

It’s illegal in Qatar to modify a vehicle’s body without permission or to drive a vehicle that creates excessive noise or pollution, otherwise, you may get a traffic fine from the police.

Sr.#Vehicle Body Violation DescriptionFine Amount (QR)Demerits Points
1Illegal to modify or use the vehicle for advertising without written permission from licensing authority in Qatar.500NIL
2Driving a vehicle with unsafe and faulty parts that may endanger passengers and other road users are prohibited.5004
3Placing sign plates or advertisements that obstruct the visibility or effectiveness of original traffic signs is prohibited.10001
4Illegal tinting of vehicle windows without permission from the licensing authority.1000NIL
5Using the vehicle for unlicensed purposes or allowing others to do so is prohibited.30003
6Tampering with vehicle registration without permission is a traffic violation in Qatar.3003
7Driving a noisy or polluting vehicle or a vehicle without a proper silencer.30003
8Driving heavy-duty construction vehicles on unauthorized roads.30003

Vehicle Horn MOI Traffic Violations Fines

In Qatar, there are regulations regarding the use of vehicle horns to maintain public safety and reduce noise pollution.

Sr.#Vehicle Horn Violations DescriptionFine Amount (QR)Demerit Points
1Horn misuse by drivers.3001
2Driving a vehicle without a functioning horn on the road.3001
3Prohibited use of air horns or musical horns on vehicles.3001
4Using police, civil defence, or ambulance vehicle-specific horns, lights, or devices without written permission from the licensing authority is prohibited.10001

Light Vehicles MOI Traffic Violations Fines

Driving a vehicle without the required lights or using improper lights, including high-beam headlights, while driving on the road.

Sr.#Light Violation DescriptionFine Amount (QR)Demerit Points
1Driving with high-beam lights not adjusted towards the right side of the road is illegal in Qatar.2001
2Using a normal white light in the front and red light in the back of vehicles pulled by men or animals during nighttime or poor weather conditions to inform about the presence of the vehicle.3001
3Using high-beam or fog lights except in necessary weather conditions is prohibited.5001
4Driving a vehicle without required lights between sunset and sunrise or during poor weather conditions in the daytime or parking with high beam/fog lights; dimming lights when approaching vehicles from a reasonable distance is mandatory.5001
5Drive at night or during low visibility without proper lights, such as no red light in front of the vehicle, and only use white or yellow lights as necessary.1000NIL

Vehicle Registration Qatar Traffic Violations Fines

You must register and periodically renew your vehicle in Qatar to drive it legally. Driving an unregistered vehicle incurs a fine of QR 3000 and 2 points. You must also do the required technical inspection every year.

Sr.#Vehicle Registration Violation DescriptionFine Amount (QR)Demerit Points
1Failure to display or show the vehicle license sticker upon request.3001
2Owner must inform licensing authority of vehicle ownership change in writing within 3 days, providing new owner’s details and address.500NIL
3The vehicle owner must report changes to name, nationality, ID, address or residence to the traffic authority.500NIL
4Not reporting lost or damaged vehicle registration cards or not applying for a new one and not returning found RC to the licensing authority.500NIL
5Driving with a suspended license.15003
6Driving without renewed vehicle license (Istimara).1500NIL
7Driving an unregistered vehicle is illegal 30002

Driving License Qatar Traffic Violations Fines

Driving without a license is punishable by imprisonment of 1 month to 3 years, a fine of QR 10,000 to QR 50,000, and drivers must produce their license when requested by police.

Sr.#Driving License Violation DescriptionFine Amount (QR) Demerit Points
1Failure to report a lost or damaged license to the traffic department or return found license to the licensing authority.300NIL
2Obtaining or using multiple licenses of the same kind or using a license unlawfully for personal gain or allowing others to use it, except in situations allowed by law.500NIL
3Driving without carrying or presenting a license upon request by police.5001
4Driving with an expired license.1500NIL
5Driving with a suspended license.30003

Number Plates Qatar Traffic Violations Fines

License plates are state property and driving without one results in a QR 3000 fine and 3 points. Report loss/damage of the vehicle’s license plate to the Traffic Department or the nearest Qatari diplomatic mission if outside Qatar.

Sr.#Number Plates Violation DescriptionAmount Fine (QR)Demerit Points
1Unauthorized use of temporary “For test” plates.500NIL
2Improperly attaching commercial or test vehicle plates or allowing an unauthorized person to drive such a vehicle.500NIL
3Failure to return commercial, test, or temporary plates to licensing authority when cancelled or not renewed.500NIL
4Unauthorized use of commercial number plates.500NIL
5Failure to immediately report loss or damage of number plates to the licensing authority.5002
6Failure to return number plates to licensing authority when the vehicle is not in use, the license is not renewed, or when cancelling registration or exporting the vehicle out of the country.500NIL
7Unauthorized changes to number plate colour or shape, altering details, loaning, or exchanging it.15003
8Driving without license plates.30003

Commercial License MOI Traffic Violations Fines

Commercial license violations refer to violations of laws and regulations related to the operation of commercial vehicles and can result in penalties and consequences for the driver and the company.

Sr.#Commercial License Violation DescriptionFine Amount (QR)Demerit Points
1If a driving instructor or learner does not follow rules and regulations related to driving classes or fails to carry and present a learner’s permit during the classes, they may face penalties, including fines and suspension of the permit.300NIL
2Running a driving school or conducting driving classes without permission from the licensing authority can result in penalties and legal consequences.3000NIL
3Engaging in car-related business activities, such as car rental, sales, decoration, or repair, without obtaining a trade license from the licensing authority can result in penalties and legal consequences.3000NIL

Pedestrian Violations Fines in Qatar

Pedestrian violations refer to actions or behaviours by pedestrians that violate laws or regulations, such as jaywalking or crossing the street outside designated areas, and can result in fines or penalties.

Sr.#Pedestrian Violation DescriptionFine Amount (QR)Demerit Points
1Pedestrian violations can include walking on the main section of the road or areas designated for two-wheelers, not walking on the extreme left side of the road facing oncoming traffic, and not walking single file when possible on roads outside the city, which can result in dangers from passing vehicles and penalties.100NIL
2Pedestrians who do not take necessary precautions while crossing the main section of the road can be at risk of accidents and may face penalties for violating pedestrian safety regulations.200NIL
3Pedestrians who do not follow the directional signs when crossing the main section of the road through designated areas may be in violation of pedestrian safety regulations and can face penalties or consequences.500NIL

Loaded Vehicles Traffic Violations Fines

Loaded vehicle violations refer to actions or behaviours that violate laws or regulations related to the safe and proper loading of vehicles, such as exceeding weight limits or improperly securing cargo, and can result in fines or penalties.

Sr.#Load Vehicles Violations DescriptionFine Amount (QR)Demerit Points
1Failure to display the gross weight and number of passengers on vehicles with a load capacity of 3 tons or more can result in loaded vehicle violations and penalties.10001
2Making extensions on the load boxes of transport vehicles and trucks beyond the allowed dimensions and specifications in terms of width, length, or height can result in loaded vehicle violations and penalties.10001
3Failure to place clear red signs on the sides of loads to alert others can result in loaded vehicle violations and penalties.10001
4Transporting materials that cannot be separated and exceed the permitted length without written permission from the licensing authority can result in loaded vehicle violations and penalties.30001
5Extending the load beyond one meter in front or two meters behind the body of the vehicle without written permission from the licensing authority can result in loaded vehicle violations and penalties.30001
61) To exceed the vehicle’s gross weight on a single axle by 13 tons.
2) To exceed the maximum permitted weight of the vehicle on a double axle without written permission from the licensing authority.
3) To exceed the gross weight of a vehicle than the permitted load limit without written permission from the licensing authority.
7Exceeding the vehicle’s width, including load or protruding items, beyond 2.6 meters without written permission from the relevant authority can result in loaded vehicle violations and penalties.30001
8Exceeding the height of a load or protruding items beyond 4.2 meters from road level without written permission from the relevant authority can result in loaded vehicle violations and penalties.30001
9Failure to consider important factors when loading a vehicle, such as weight distribution, securing the load properly, and ensuring proper visibility, can result in loaded vehicle violations and penalties.15001
10Failure to properly organize, arrange, and secure the load on a vehicle, which may cause materials to move or fall while the vehicle is in motion, can result in loaded vehicle violations and penalties.15001


It should be noted that there are specific traffic violations that carry severe consequences. These include operating a vehicle without a valid driving license, driving while intoxicated, fleeing the scene of an accident, or failing to promptly report the incident to the police. Such offenses are considered serious and can result in imprisonment.

A convenient way to verify any traffic violations is through the official website of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) or the Metrash app. To assist you, here is a comprehensive guide on how to access and review your traffic violations online.


A: QR 6000 amount and 7 Demerit Points for crossing the red signal.

A: You can check through Metrash2 Mobile Application or Traffic Inquiry Section on MOI web.

A: Black points will be automatically removed from a driver’s record if they don’t commit any violations for one year or if their license is cancelled due to repeated violations.

A: Traffic violation fines can be reduced by 50% if paid within 30 days of the violation. After this period, the full amount of the fine must be paid.

A: You can check your traffic ticket from Metrash Mobile Application or Traffic Inquires section on MOI website.

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