How To Get Qatar Driving Experience Certificate (2024)

A driving experience certificate plays a vital role in foreign countries to get a driving license because this is an official paper from the Qatar traffic department which regulates under the Ministry of Interior (MOI) and includes all the driving history. This is also called a Letter of authentication, and a driving experience letter.

This driving certificate includes all the required details about a person such as a name, date of birth, issue date, license number, traffic violations if any and driving vehicle class category. Now, Let’s dig into more about how can we get a driving certificate either onshore or offshore.

Format of Driving Experience Certificate

Driving Experience Certificate

Qatar Traffic Department issues this certificate both in Arabic and English. The format is as below:

  1. Official Letterhead of “General Traffic Department” under MOI
  2. Must be dated not more than six months before the application.
  3. The subject is “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN”
  4. Includes the date of the first license, expiry date & traffic violations

Procedure for Driving Experience Certificate

You are eligible for Qatar Driving Experience Certificate, If you ever have a Qatar Driving License. You will be able to extract ownership certificates, previously owned vehicle certificates, clearance certificates, exported vehicle certificates, significant plate numbers,s and canceled vehicle certificates. There are 2 (two)  ways you can easily get your certificate while sitting at home. Following are the options to get a certificate.

  • Get through the E-Services Portal of MOI.
  • Download from Metrash2 Application

Get a Certificate Through E-Services Portal by MOI

With the digitalization of the world, Traffic Authority is given the same access to websites. Keep in mind you have to log in with the help of a smart card. You can easily pay the fee using your credit or debit card. Following are the steps to follow:

  1. Log in with your smart card to the e-service portal of MOI.
  2. Find “Traffic Service Icon” and Click on it.
  3. Now, Click on “Requests and Certificates” to proceed.
  4. Click on “Traffic Certificates
  5. Select ” Driving License Certificate
  6. Enter “Valid Email Address” 
  7. Lastly, Pay the fee and get your certificate within 5 minutes.

Get a Driving Experience Certificate using Metrash2

Metrash2 Mobile Application is an official application from where a user can apply for Driving Experience Certificate. You should have a valid Qatar Residence ID (QID) to use this application. Follow the following steps to get the certificate:

  • Login into Metrash2 Mobile Application
Metrash2 App Login page
Login into Metrash2 Application
  • Select “Traffic Icon”
Traffic Icon Metrash2
Select Traffic Icon
  • Click on “Traffic Certificate”
Traffic Certificate Icon
Click Traffic Certificate
  • Click on “Driving License Certificate”
Driving Experience Certificate
Select Driving License Certificate
  • Enter QID & Email, click Next
Enter QID & Email for Certificate
Enter your email where you want Qatar Driving Certificate
  • Pay the Fee, using Credit / Debit Card
Pay Fee for Driving Certificate
Pay the fee using a credit/debit card
Note: Check spam mail if you do not find your certificate in Primary Box after 5 minutes of applying. It will be available in PDF form

Qatar Driving Experience Certificate Fee

The fee is QR10 (Qatari Riyal) and that is the same in both ways. Both Metrash2 and E-Service Portal have the same processing time and fee. They don’t have such differences, it is all up to you to choose any of these options according to your ease.

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Contact Details

Traffic Department (Ministry of Interior):
Phone: +974 234 5555
Email: [email protected]


A: You will get within 5 minutes in provided email in the form of PDF.

A: QR10 is fee of its certificate.

A: yes, It shows all the history of traffic violation etc.

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