List of Professions Are Not Eligible for Driving License 2024

More than 2 Million foreign workers are here in Qatar. Driving a vehicle is an essential part of everyday life for many individuals, providing access to work, education, tourism and many other essential services. Unfortunately, there are many professions are not eligible for driving license due to safety concerns and traffic congestion. If you are curious to know about the professions which are not eligible to drive in Qatar, you have come to the right place.

We are going to explore professions that are not eligible for driving licenses in Qatar. Also, We will try to provide you with the insights reasons behind these restrictions. We shall also discuss the impact of these regulations on individuals and society as a whole.

Whether you are a resident of Qatar or simply interested in learning more about the country, keep reading to discover the crucial information you need to know about which professions are not eligible for a driving license in Qatar.

List of Professions Are Not Eligible For Driving License

Here is the latest list of professions that are not eligible for a driving license. The Ministry of Interior (MOI) only send the ineligible profession list to authorised driving schools in Qatar. It is quite difficult for expatriates, especially for those who do not understand Arabic because that list is written in Arabic language only. We have translated and collected all the professions for you.

Professions are not eligible for driving license

Here is an updated list of Professions that are not eligible for a driving license:

Electric TechnicianWaiterFurniture upholstery worker
Gypsum WorkerLaundry WorkerCurtain installer
Service WorkerPrayer Caller (Muezzin)Curtain upholstery worker
WatchmanRescue WorkerAssistant builder
Horse TrainerSecurity GaurdConnections technician
LabourerGate GaurdDigger
SailorLift WorkerBricks Builder
ServantShipping WorkerMixer operator
NannyCarrierConcrete blacksmith
FarmerPacking and Grinding WorkerManufacturing worker
BlacksmithIrrigation WorkerDesigning technician
Bakery WorkerGardenerCivil technician
PainterAgricultural WorkerConstruction technician
HerdsmanWood SellerJuice maker
FishermanHorse HostlerKebab maker
TailorHooder WorkerHenna maker
Calligraphy TechnicianMachine OperatorGoldsmith
Technical AssistantTailoring WorkerGravedigger
ShoemakerPlaster workerAnimal caretake
Grocery workerTailorMilkman
Tiles workerEmbroiderPlaster technician
BuilderGeneral typingCeramic worker
ButcherStamp makerTyre worker
Service workerCrusher machine OperatorCook’s assistant
Nutrition workerGlass technicianBarkeeper
Industrial service workerMarble technicianKey technician
Hotel service workerMetal-casting technicianMassage worker
Financial services workerTiles technicianSalesman
Vegetable sellerPastry makerCashier
PlumberVinegar makerFishing net maker
Sea shipment workerGeneral manufacturing workerAccounts technician
JewelerPlumber assistantNewspaper sellers
Land shipment workerIce makerPharmacy Assistant
Air cargo workerLathing workerComputer programmer
CookAC technicianComputer programmer technician
TypistWhitesmithHouse manager
Boat carpenterElectric welderCommunication Assistant
Oxygen welderPipes welderParamedic
Health and safety technicianWelderMining technician
Beauty salon workerTelevision technicianSculptor
WoodcutterPage makerDental technician
Decorator assistantCoffee BoyArchitecture technician
Upholstery workerDécor carpenterConstruction carpenter
General CarpenterInstallation technicianTelephone central electrician
Lift electricianGeneral electricianInstallation electrician
Glass installerGeneral equipment mechanicSweets maker
Falafel makerMeat, shawarma, and sandwich grillerBaking Mixer
BarberMechanical technicianMaintenance Technician
Installation technicianWelding technicianTranslator
This list is for professions that need a four-wheeler license, while some may require only a two-wheeler license.

Why Some Professions Are Not Eligible for Driving License

The Government of Qatar has done great work on the infrastructure and there was a need for strict decisions for the better welfare of the country. The reason behind such restrictions is worker safety, air pollution, congestion on roads, reliability and maintenance of vehicles. This causes them to ban some professions from driving in Qatar.

How to Travel if a Person Professions are not eligible for driving license?

There is no need to worry if you are not eligible for driving because The Government of Qatar won’t let you alone in this problem. They provided the best possible solutions for such individuals.

Possible solutions for those professions who are not eligible for driving

Here is a list of solutions varies to the circumstances and need of any individual:

  • Public Transportation: There is a subsidize public transport option for those individuals who are not able to get a driving license. There are many public transport modes such as buses, trains or other forms of public transit.
  • Ride-Sharing Services: The Government has launched many ride-sharing services like Uber, Lyft etc which provides you with transportation facility. In this way, drivers can also earn good money.
  • Carpooling: Those who can not drive use carpooling among neighbours or co-workers to provide transport.
  • Alternative Transportation Modes: Government of Qatar also encourages the use of bicycles or walking. This is the best option for those who are health conscious and have the nearest offices to their residency.


A: Non-professional driver means a driver who drives a light motor vehicle otherwise than as a paid employee or drives a vehicle other than a transport vehicle

There are many options such as public transport, carpooling, ride sharing or bicyles.

A: If the profession can be changed to any of the following (Driver, Secretary, Foreman, Supervisor, Sales Representative, Employee, Administrative, Accountant, PRO) then you will be able to apply for the driving license.

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