How to Apply Qatar ETA Visa Online? 

Qatar ETA Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization Visa allows 30 days stay to the residency holders or visa holders of countries that include the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Schengen and New Zealand. 

Qatar is all set to mark its distinctive spot emerging as one of the major tourist destinations in the Middle East. Currently, Qatar hosts visa-free as well as visa on-arrival granted to tourists from over 100 countries. And in future, Qatar aims to welcome over 6 million tourists a year by 2030. This Qatar ETA Visa Guide is for you.

Those who aren’t eligible for visa on arrival facilitation, worry not. The updated Hayya platform has made the whole procedure of booking a visa for Qatar; a breeze. It is significantly designed especially for travellers and businesses to acquire the most out of their visits. 

If you are looking for any information about the Hayya platform and its available facilities and services, ETA(A3) visa and its eligibility and requirements. Stick with us as we walk you around the details.

Revamped Hayya Portal & Active Visa Categories

Hayya Portal had suspended two of its major visa services including the Qatar ETA Visa and Qatar Tourist Visa for quite a while now which has been relaunched to welcome more tourists from across the globe. Qatar is stepping towards entitling itself as a hub for tourism in the Middle East. 

With the Hayya platform, you only need to log in and add the required information by uploading your valid documents and lastly pay the applicable fee

Apply Qatar ETA Visa Online Through Hayya Portal

New categories of visas have been launched to attract more tourists to the country, follow the steps to apply for an ETA visa in Qatar online.

Eligibility & Requirements for Qatar ETA Visa or Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA)

Electronic Travel Authorisation ETA (A3) Visa for foreigners provides you with easy and simple steps.  Before proceeding, please note all the eligibility requirements for an ETA Visa online via Hayya Portal.

  • A valid visa or residency of Canada, UK, US, Schengen countries, New Zealand or Australia can avail ETA (A3) visa.
  • Must have a valid passport with a minimum of 3 months before expiry.
  • The proof of accommodation must be presented. This includes pre-booked hotel room confirmations. 
  •  If you are going to be hosted as a guest then the host needs to submit an application on your behalf. 
  • You’ll be asked to present a passport that is valid for at least six months from the entrance date. 
  • One also has to present his/her health insurance for the total span of their stay. (considering MOPH guidelines) 
  • While submitting an application, a fee of QAR 100 is to be paid.

Qatar ETA Visa Validity and Charges

Anyone applying for a Qatar ETA visa can stay in Qatar for more than a month as it is valid for up to 30 days from the issue date. And surprisingly, It costs only QAR 100 which is about 27 USD in total. Entry permits are only valid within the 30 days duration.

Apply for Qatar ETA Visa (A3) Online

Applying for an ETA Visa online is just a few simple steps. Firstly, register yourself on the Hayya portal. Secondly, upload all the required documents then submit your application and pay the applicable fees. That’s all! 

To make these steps more clear cut, I have made more short and brief steps for you. This will clear all your ambiguities, if any.

Step 01 – Visit Hayya Website

Visit where you’ll find “My Hayya” on the top right corner of the portal. Besides you can also choose the “Apply for Hayya” option placed in the center of the page if you are already registered on Hayya. This is the first step to get your Qatar ETA visa online. 

Hayya Card Homepage

Step 02 – Register yourself on Hayya

Here you will have to “Sign Up” as a first time visitor to the site. You will be asked to provide an email address for making your account which will be verified with a code sent to your email. 

Registration on Hayya

Now after signing up, it’s easy to log in to “My Hayya” portal with just an email address and password.

Step 03 – Apply for Hayya Card Online

Choose the button “Apply for Hayya” given in the center of the page.

Apply for Hayya

Step 04 – Select Visa Category On Hayya

Following step 03 will lead you to the page where you will be asked to choose the visa category. Select the “Visa with ETA (A3)” category. 

Select ETA Visa Category

Step 05 – Choose Purpose of Visit

Next you will be asked to inform the purpose of the visit. Here you can choose from a list of purposes including sport events, business meetings, weddings, shopping, friend visit, heritage tourism, attending conventions or participating events. Or in case of any other reason; specify “others” and mention that.

Select Purpose of Visit for ETA Visa Qatar

Step 06 – Personal Information

Here you will be asked to add personal details for My Hayya. It is mandatory to agree with terms and conditions to fill the further part.

  • Picture: Upload your photo according to the mentioned requirements considering the sharpness, size and brightness as well as light background. Here select “I have reviewed the instructions to upload my personal photo and passport”. Then go on to “Browse Personal photo”. 
  • Upload Passport: Browse the passport’s first page and upload only the first page of the passport by cropping it to make it acceptable as per MRZ (Machine-readable zone). It will automatically extract your data. Or you can do it manually too. Don’t forget to save it. 
  • After the data will be extracted, click “Validate User” and if that option is still inactive then choose passport type; Normal.
  • Now, here’s another important step where you have to enter your first name and last name essentially. And you can skip second and third Latin names. But if you don’t have a last name then you can add your father’s name in the last name section which can be verified by uploading the last page of your passport.
  • Residential Information: select your “country of birth” and “country of residency”. If you have any other previous residency information then declare that otherwise opt for “No”. Upload your valid resident card or visa of US, UK, Canada, Schengen, New Zealand or Australia.
  • Next up, Accommodation. Choose your accommodation type either family & friends or other. Also, you’ll have to mention the accommodation name in the next bar given below.
  • Contact Information: Add your personal contact, emergency contact and name. Next, click review and submit.

Step 07 – Visa Fees for My Hayya

After your application gets approved and reviewed. You will be sent a payment link via email which will cost you QAR 100. The fees can be paid using credit or debit cards or even Visa/Mastercard are accepted. 

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If you still do not understand, how to apply ETA online for Qatar; watch this video tutorial:

You will receive your Hayya Entry Permit via email, once your application is processed. Or access it through Hayya App
After all the applicants’ documents are submitted, it will take almost 48 hours to process to get your Qatar ETA visa as per the average response rate.

What else do you need to know about Qatar ETA Visa?

I have short listed a few main things, which you will be needed for ETA (A3) visa. Following are the things to remember:

  • The Hayya entry permit is valid for 30 days so the visitor should apply within this duration before travel. 
  • Each adult family member needs to apply separately. While children under the age of 18 years can be added as dependents in the application of their guardian. 
  • Maximum 10 dependents can be added under one guardian applicant. 
  • ETA Visa is certainly not a working visa so no one can work during their stay duration. 
  • The passport validity should be minimum 6 months from the entry date in Qatar.
  • Dependents added should also have valid residency or visa for Schengen, Canada, US, UK, Australia, or New Zealand.

Once, you get your Qatar Eta visa. Make sure to have the following documents while travelling.

  • Valid Passport – 6 months before expiry.
  • Hayya Entry Permit.
  • Health Insurance.
  • Return Flight Ticket.
  • Hotel or Accommodation Details.
  • Any Identity Document which makes you Eligible for ETA Visa.


Coming down to the conclusion part, we hope that this latest information (June 2023) will help you in all sorts. And will ease your application process to a much greater extent. Just follow all the steps and make sure to read the tiny bits of important points sprinkled all over the post. 


A: A fine of 200 QAR per day is charged on the expiry of the ETA visa which is around 55 USD each passing day.

A: It’s valid for up to 30 days.

If Hayya platform is being used while securing an ETA A3 Visa in 2023, the required documents will be following:

  • Photos
  • Passport
  • Hayya entry permit
  • Contact details
  • Accommodation details 
  • Health insurance
  • Visa or valid resident card

A: Currently, visitors to Qatar are not required to get themselves vaccinated or PCR tested.

A: Maximum 10 dependents under 18 along with their individual details can be enlisted under one guardian. As long as they fall in the categorical validation of dependents.

A: If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply for an ETA Visa. No specific age limit is permitted or prohibited.

A: There are several airways and traveling options to enter Qatar. You can pick any airways to Doha and enter Qatar.

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