Convert GCC Driving License to Qatar Driving License 2024

If you are moving to Qatar from another GCC country, you may be wondering how to convert a GCC driving license to a Qatar Driving License. Converting your driving license can be a relatively simple process as long as you have the necessary documents and meet the requirements set by the General Traffic Department of Qatar.

In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of converting a GCC driving license to a Qatar driving license so that you can drive legally and safely on the roads of Qatar.

Expatriates from GCC countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and UAE who hold driving licenses should read this article as it provides a guide for converting their GCC license to Qatar driving license because it allows a simpler and more straightforward process.

To convert your GCC driving license to a Qatar driving license, there are a few requirements and documents that you will need to prepare. Firstly, it is important to note that only certain types of GCC driving license can be converted into Qatar driving license. These include license for cars, light vehicles, and motorcycles but not heavy vehicles like trucks or buses.

Also, the validity of the GCC driving license must be at least one year from the date of issuance and the license must be valid at the time of application for conversion.

Requirements For Converting a GCC Driving License to Qatar Driving License

  • Valid GCC Driving License: Only certain types of GCC driving licenses can be converted such as cars, light vehicles, and motorcycles.
  • Copy of Passport and Qatar Residency Permit: Applicants must provide a copy of their passport and valid Qatar Residency Permit (QID).
  • Two Passport Size Pictures: Applicants must provide two recent passport-size pictures.
  • Eye Test Certificate: Applicants must pass an eye test from any licensed eye testing center in Qatar. Most driving schools have their own eye test centers.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Sponsor or Employer: A letter from the employer or sponsor confirming that they do not have any objection. The NOC must be on company letterhead and stamped by the sponsor or employer.
  • Conversion Fee: There is a fee for converting a GCC driving license to Qatar driving license.

Note that: These requirements may vary based on the applicant’s nationality and the country that issued their GCC driving license. It is always best to check with the Traffic Department or the embassy of the applicant’s country in Qatar for any additional requirements or information.

How To Convert GCC Driving License to Qatar Driving License

GCC Driving License to Qatar Driving License

Expatriates who have a valid driving license from a GCC country and want to convert GCC Driving License to Qatar Driving License and wish to reside in Qatar can apply for a Qatar driving license by following a few simple steps.

Step 1: Go to Driving School

To convert your GCC driving license to a Qatar Driving license, you should visit any nearest or best driving schools in Qatar which are approved by the General Directorate of Traffic because all schools follow the same curriculum.

Step 2: Open a new file with the Department of Traffic inside the School

There is a Traffic Department office in every driving school. For a smooth and efficient experience, it is advisable to visit the office in the morning time ideally between 6:30 am to 9:00 am. This can help you to avoid long waiting times.

Required documents are:

  • Original Driving License from a GCC Country
  • Qatar Resident Permit (Qatar ID Card)
  • Eye Test Certificate
  • QR 50 fee using a debit/credit card.

The following also may be required in some cases:

  • NOC letter from employer or sponsor to convert GCC Driving License to Qatar Driving License. (This can also be done on Metrash Mobile App)
  • Trade License of the sponsor company / QID of the sponsor ( if under personal sponsorship)
  • 3 passport size Pictures

Most driving schools will have facilities for an eye test. You can use them or do the test from any optometrist shop or clinic.

Step 3: Enroll for theory class and book a test date

Once you have completed the necessary paperwork and meet the prerequisites for obtaining a Qatar driving license, the next step is to enroll in a theory class and book a test date. This theory class covers essential driving skills like road safety and traffic regulations. It is a mandatory part of a driving license to further proceed to practical driving training.

Reach back to the driving school reception for theory class enrollment. The fee varies from QR 300 to QR 350. You can easily enroll for a theory class and book a test date either in-person or online (Metrash mobile APP), depending on the driving school’s process.

Step 4: Study for the theory test and take the test

To obtain a Qatar driving license, passing the theory test is a crucial step. After enrolling in a theory class and booking a test date, the next step is to study for the exam. A theory test evaluates your knowledge of essential driving skills such as road safety and traffic regulations. You can take the exam available in several languages including Arabic and English.

The test will be computer-based and you will get results immediately.

Step 5: Pay the road test fee and book a test date

After successfully passing the theory test, get ready to book the road test. The road test fee is QR 200 which includes two chances.

Please note that due to the high demand, you may have to wait a few weeks to schedule your next driving test date. Alternatively, you have the option to take your road test from a different driving school. You can also manage all of these options through the Metrash mobile application.

Step 6: Take The Road Test and The Parking Test

On test day, you should go to the driving school and register at the reception desk. The driving school will provide you with a vehicle to use during the test. Typically, the road test will last between 10 to 15 minutes to access you.

If you pass the road test, you will then have the opportunity to take the parking test. This may occur on the same day or later date.

Step 7: Pay The License Fee and Collect the Driving License

Once you have successfully passed both the road test and the parking test, you will need to pay the driving license fee in order to obtain your driving license. The amount of the fee may vary depending on the type of license you are applying for and the regulations of your specific location. Usually, the driving license fee is QR 250 for five years.

Once you pay the license fee, you can collect your driving license from the driving school or the relevant government agency. Make sure to bring all necessary documents, such as your ID or passport, proof of residency, and any other required paperwork. Congratulations! With your new driving license in hand, you are now ready to hit the road and enjoy the freedom and independence of driving. It is important to always prioritize safety and to follow traffic laws and regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience for yourself and others on the road.

Can I Drive in Qatar With GCC License?

Yes, if you have a valid GCC license, you are allowed to drive in Qatar. If you are an expatriate resident of a GCC country visiting Qatar, you can use your GCC driving license in Qatar for a maximum of three months. However, it is important to carry your passport or entry visa with you as proof of entry in Qatar. It is also recommended to familiarize yourself with local traffic laws and regulations before driving in Qatar.

Note that this rule only applies to Visitors on Family Visit visas, Visas on Arrival, GCC resident visit visas, or other types of tourist visas.

Once an expatriate obtains a residence visa in Qatar, they are no longer permitted to use their GCC driving license for driving in Qatar. Instead, they must apply for a Qatar Driving License to legally drive in the country.

Can I Change GCC Driving License to Qatar Driving License?

Yes, you can exchange your GCC driving license for a Qatar Driving License. However, the procedure may vary depending on your nationality. You can directly book your test if you hold a GCC driving license. This could save you thousands of Qatari Riyals from driving school.

  1. The GCC License should be valid. An expired license maybe accepted in some rare cases.
  2. The class of the license should be the same as the old license.
  3. The license holder’s profession should not be on the list of not eligible profession for a driving license.

Things To Consider Before Coming to Roads

When obtaining a driving license, there are several important things to consider to ensure that you are fully prepared and able to drive safely on the road. These include:

Practice and preparation: Before taking your driving test, make sure you have enough practice and preparation to ensure that you are confident and ready to drive. Consider taking driving lessons or practicing with a licensed driver to help you gain the skills and experience you need.

Safety first: Always prioritize safety when driving. This means following traffic laws and regulations, wearing your seatbelt, avoiding distractions such as texting or using your phone while driving, and being aware of your surroundings at all times.

Maintenance: Keep your vehicle properly maintained to ensure that it is in good working order and safe to drive. Regularly check your tires, brakes, lights, and other important systems to avoid any potential issues or accidents.

Insurance: Make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage for your vehicle to protect yourself and others in the event of an accident or other incident.

Continuing education: Even after obtaining your driving license, it is important to continue learning and improving your driving skills. Consider taking additional driving courses or training to help you stay up-to-date with the latest safety regulations and techniques.


A: Visitors with UAE driving license can drive for up to 3 months in Qatar. Expatriates who become residents can not use their UAE driving license in QATAR.

A: QAR 250 is the fee.

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