What is your Qatar ID Card Number (QID) Meaning

Have you ever wondered, how government officials assign you a unique Qatar identity number (QID)? What is the purpose of it? what is the meaning of your Qatar ID card number? Qatar ID card numbers are assigned to all residents of Qatar, regardless of whether they are citizens or expatriates.

Qatar ID card has unique 11-digit numbers that are used to track a person’s identity and residency status in Qatar, and they are also required for a variety of other purposes,

I will tell you everything in this article what is the meaning of your QID, how they assign you a number and how it could be unique.

In Qatar, the ID card holds immense importance as a crucial form of identification for its citizens and residents. Officially known as the “Qatari ID Card,” it serves as a symbol of national identity and offers a plethora of benefits to its holders, such as car registration, opening a bank account, obtaining a driver’s license, and accessing government services.

What is Qatar Identity Card (QID)?

The Qatar ID card is 11 digit number and is an official document issued by the Qatari government to all residents, regardless of their nationality. It is a mandatory requirement for all individuals living in Qatar and serves as a means of identification. The card is a key component of the country’s national identity system and plays a vital role in various aspects of daily life.

Qatar Id card Number Meaning

How to Obtain a Qatar ID Card?

Qatar ID cards are issued automatically to citizens when born or get a residency in Qatar. Expatriate residents, on the other hand, must apply for one through the country’s immigration and labour authorities. The application process requires submitting relevant documents, and biometric information, and completing specific formalities.

What includes the Qatar ID Card?

The Qatar ID card contains essential personal information of the holder, such as their full name, date of birth, nationality, and unique identification number (QID). It also includes a photograph of the cardholder and relevant dates, such as the date of issuance and expiration.

What is your Qatar ID Card Number (QID) Meaning

The Qatar ID Card is integrated with various systems and services in the country, making it a versatile tool for individuals. Some people think that these are randomly generated numbers but it is not like that.

Your Qatar ID card number is divided into four parts, It provides access to digital services and e-government platforms, enhances secure financial transactions, and even allows for contactless services in recent times. Let’s explore it further:

  • The first Digit of your QID is the century indicator. A “2” indicates that the person was born between 1990 and 1999, while a “3” indicates that the person was born in 2000 or later.
  • Next two digits: The year of birth. For example: for a person born in 1996 the last 2 digits will be displayed on a Qatar ID card.
  • Next three digits:┬áThe ISO country code for the person’s nationality. For Example, Qatar’s ISO code is 634.
  • Last five digits: A unique sequence number, including your DOB, and ISO code.

Country Codes for Qatar ID Card

Here is the list of country codes for Qatar ID cards where you can validate your country code from your ID in Qatar, here is the list:

Country NameCountry CodeCountry NameCountry Code
Algeria012American Samoa016
Antigua & Barbuda028Argentina032
Bolivia068Bosnia and Herzegovina070
British Indian Ocean Tertiary086British Virgin Islands092
Burkina Faso854Burundi108
Canada124Cape Verde132
Cayman Islands136Central African Republic140
China156Christmas Island162
Coco Island166Colombia170
Comoros174Costa Rica188
Czech Republic203Czechoslovakia200
Dominica212Dominican Republic214
East Timor626Ecuador218
Egypt818El Salvador222
Equatorial Guinea226Eritrea232
Estonia233Ethiopia (Includes Eritrea)230
Ehiopia (Exclude Eritrea)231European Union918
Faeroe Island234Falkland Island238
Fm Panama Cz592Fm Rhod Nyas717
Fm Tanganyik835Fm Vietnam Dr868
Fm Vietnam Rp866Fm Zanz-Pemb836
Fr. So. Ant. Tr260France250
Free Zones838Cote d’Ivoire254
French Polynesia258Gabon266
Gambia270Gaza Strip274
Georgia268German Democratic Republic278
Guinea Bissau624Guyana328
Haiti332Holy See336
Honduras340Hong Kong344
Japan392Jhonston Island396
Korea Democratic Republic408Koria Republic410
Kuwait414Kyrgyz Republic417
Lao PDR418Latvia428
Malta470Marshall Islands584
Micronesia583Midway Island488
Netherlands528Netherlands Antilles530
Neutral Zone536New Caledonia540
New Zealand554Nicaragua558
Niue570Norfolk Island574
Northern Mariana Islands580Norway578
Oman512Pacific Islands582
Panama591Papua New Guinea598
Paraguay600Pen Malaysia459
Portugal620Puerto Rico630
Romania642Russian Federation643
Rwanda646Ryuku Is647
Sabah461Saint Helena654
Saint Kitts Nevis Anguilla Aru658Saint Pierre and Miquelon666
Samoa882San Marino674
Sao Tome and principe678Sarawak457
Saudia Arabia682Senegal686
Seychelles690Sierra Leone694
Singapore702Slovak Republic703
Slovenia705Solomon Islands090
Somalia706South Africa710
Soviet Union810Spain724
Special Categories839Srilanka144
Syrian 760Taiwan158
Trinidad and Tobago780Tunisia788
Ukraine804United Arab Emirates784
United Kingdom826United States840
Vietnam704Virgin Islands850
Wake Island872Wallis and Futura Isl.876
Western Sahara732Yemon Democratic720
Countries Code List

Now, it is simple for you to understand the meaning of your Qatar ID card. I hope this article will help you a lot.

Importance of the Qatar ID Card

The Qatar ID Card holds significant importance for both individuals and the government. Let’s explore the various aspects of its significance:

Significance of the Qatar ID Card

  1. Proof of Identity
    The Qatar ID Card serves as a primary form of identification and is required in various situations, such as opening bank accounts, accessing government services, and applying for employment.
  2. Residency Status
    For expatriate residents, the Qatar ID Card acts as evidence of their legal residency status in the country. It is essential for obtaining work permits, renting accommodations, and accessing healthcare facilities.
  3. Travel within GCC Countries
    The Qatar ID Card enables citizens to travel within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries without the need for a passport. This streamlined process enhances ease of travel for citizens across the region.
  4. Voting and Civic Engagement
    For Qatari citizens, the ID Card is a prerequisite for participating in elections and other civic activities. It fosters democratic engagement and strengthens the nation’s political landscape.
  5. Access to Public Services
    The Qatar ID Card facilitates access to various government services, including education, healthcare, and social welfare. It streamlines processes and ensures efficient service delivery.

Benefits of the Qatar ID Card

  1. Digital Services and E-Government
    The Qatar ID Card has evolved into a sophisticated smart card that allows citizens and residents to access a wide range of digital services and e-government platforms. From online bill payments to accessing official documents, the card enhances the overall quality of life.
  2. Secure Transactions
    With its advanced security features, the Qatar ID Card provides a secure platform for financial transactions, reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud.
  3. Health Records Integration
    The ID Card is integrated with the country’s healthcare system, allowing individuals to access their medical records and facilitating seamless communication between healthcare providers.
  4. Contactless Services
    In recent times, the Qatar ID Card has adapted to offer contactless services, enabling users to access various facilities without physical contact, promoting hygiene and convenience.
  5. Driving License Integration
    For residents, the Qatar ID Card is linked to their driving license, eliminating the need to carry multiple documents and ensuring ease of verification during traffic checks. Even you can use it for renewal of driving license.


The Qatar ID Card holds profound meaning and value for individuals living in this vibrant nation. It symbolizes their identity, facilitates access to essential services, and promotes efficiency and security in various aspects of life. From its role as a proof of identity to the benefits of digital services, the Qatar ID Card stands as a testament to the country’s commitment to progress and modernization.


A: Both citizens and residents of Qatar need to obtain a Qatar ID Card. Citizens receive it automatically, while residents must apply for it through the relevant authorities.

A: No, the Qatar ID Card is primarily used for travel within the GCC countries and is not a substitute for a passport for international travel.

A: In case of loss or theft, report the incident to the nearest police station immediately. Subsequently, contact the relevant authorities to apply for a replacement card.

A: Yes, many of the application processes can be completed online, making it convenient for expatriate residents to apply for their Qatar ID cards.

A: Yes, the Qatar ID Card is linked to the national database, ensuring that all information is up-to-date and accurate. This linkage facilitates various government services and transactions.

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