How to Apply for Hayya Card Qatar 2024?

The Hayya Card, which was established during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, has been reissued in a new format that makes applying for visas to Qatar easier than ever. It is now available on smartphones, allows individuals to apply for all kinds of visas to Qatar, which includes visas for tourists, GCC citizens, and GCC nationals’ companions. This move is a significant step forward in facilitating Qatar’s visa application procedure, and it will undoubtedly make it more efficient and effective for all applicants.

What is the Hayya Card?

The Hayya Card was initially provided as an all-purpose permit for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 attendees. It was provided in both digital (mobile app) and physical (printed card) forms. The improved Hayya Platform offers a faster visa application procedure for visitors who need a visa to enter Qatar. After the visa is obtained, visitors can immerse themselves in the dynamic city of Doha, which has been named the Arab Tourism Capital for the year 2024.

How to apply Hayya Card Qatar?

I have completed all my research about how to apply Hayya Card and briefly explained below:

1. Passport:

Visitors utilizing Hayya must have a passport that is valid for a minimum of 3 months after they have arrived in Qatar. The Hayya application requires a scanned copy of the passport photo page.

  •  The scanned file must be less than 2 MB in size and in JPG or JPEG format.
  •  Make sure MRZ code is displayed otherwise your application will be denied.
  •  Ensure that no information is lost when cropping the document.
International Passport Sample for Hayya Card

2. Accommodation For Hayya Card Requirement:

Visitors coming in Qatar with a Hayya visa must confirm the accommodation arrangements. The accommodation requirements differ depending on the kind of visa you are applying for. Certain visa categories and nationalities are exempt.

  • Most Hayya visas allow for hosting by family and friends. A Qatari resident must register his or her residence on the Hayya portal and invite guests from abroad. This must be completed prior to the candidate submitting his Hayya application. A Qatari resident is allowed to invite a maximum of 5 guests to his residence as of April 2023.
  • If no Qatari citizen is available to host you, hotel arrangements can be arranged directly from hotels or via networks such as TripAdvisor. Hotel reservations through the Discover Qatar website may be necessary in some situations.
  • If you plan to stay in a hotel, you should upload your travel information, along with a copy of your confirmation, to the Hayya portal’s “Upload Other Platforms Booking” page.
Accomodation documents Hayya

3. Passport-Size Photo for Hayya Card:

A recent excellent quality passport-size picture is necessary for application.

Following requirements should be met:

  •  The photo must measure 30 (W) 40 (H) mm in size. A resolution of at least 720 pixels is necessary.
  •  JPEG or JPG photos are permitted only. The file size must not exceed 2 MB.
  • The photo should be in color and no older than 12 months from the date of submission.
  • The backdrop should be white or light grey.
  •  The face should take up 70% to 80% of the shot, and the head should be centered. Do not tilt your head. The eyes must not be covered by hair or closed.
  • Facial expressions should be neutral.
  • do not use sunglasses or tinted/colored glasses. If you normally use glasses, your eyes must be clearly visible in the shot.
  • Wear no headgear, cap, or headband. Your face must be clearly visible even If you wear a head covering for religious reasons.
image size for Hayya Card

4. Residence Permit (in certain cases)

You must submit your Residence Permit Card /Residence Visa on the Hayya portal if you are applying for a GCC Resident Entry or Entry with ETA.

The RP Card or Visa must also be valid at the time of entrance into Qatar.

5. Visa fee (if applicable):

Some Hayya platform visas, such as Tourist Entry, GCC Residents Entry, Entry with ETA etc demand a visa cost (some nations are excluded). Hayya With Me is provided free of charge, however a valid voucher code is required.

6. Hayya Entry Permit:

The Entry Permit is required upon arrival in Qatar. Once your Hayya application has been accepted, you will get a Hayya Entry Permit along with all of your information.

7. Return Flight Ticket:

All visas issued through the Hayya platform demand a return flight ticket at the time of entry. If the visitor is traveling by land border, this is not necessary.

8. Health Insurance:

 All tourists are obliged by Qatar Government policy to purchase tourist health insurance through a MOPH-approved company. Basic insurance policies are QR 50 for 30 days. This should be shown during entry rather than during the Hayya application stage.

Benefits of Hayya Card

There are plethora of benefits having Hayya card, which are as follow:

  • Reservations: Tourists can manage their travel reservations through the Hayya Platform.
  • Seamless travel: The Hayya Card is linked to the e-gate entrance system at Hamad International Airport which allows you to bypass immigration.
  • Easier entry: Tourists who pre-register the Hayya Card online can enter Qatar more swiftly at the Abu Samra border.
  • Admission permission for Companions: GCC citizens can use the Hayya Platform to apply for an admission permit for their companions.
  • Enhanced Guest experience: The Hayya Card Platform includes extra features such as maps, transit options, intriguing deals, and current happenings information.

Hayya Card Visa Categories

Applicants may apply for any of the new Hayya visa category.

1. Tourist Entry Visa (A1)

  • This sort of visa allows travelers to enter Qatar for visits and tourism.
  • The Visa fee is QR 100 (certain countries have an exception).
  • Accommodation (except for certain countries):  hosted by family and friends; or booked through Discover Qatar.
  • The permit is valid for 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) after it is issued.
  •  The stay period is 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) after arrival.

2. GCC Resident Entry Visa (A2)

  •  This sort of visa permits GCC residents to enter Qatar.
  • The GCC Resident Permit must be valid for at least three months after arrival.
  • The visa fee is QR 100.
  • Accommodations are required: Hosted by family and friends; or booking through Discover Qatar.
  • Permit is valid for 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) from the date of issuance
  • The stay period is 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) from date of entrance.
GCC Country List

3. Entry Visa with ETA (A3)

  •  Visitors with a valid Schengen, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or UK visa or residency are eligible for Qatar ETA visa.
  •  A copy of a valid visa or residency document is necessary.
  • The visa fee is QR 100 (certain countries have an exception).
  •  Permit validity is 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) from the date of issuance.
  •  The stay period is 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) from the date of entrance.

4. Entry for Companion of GCC Citizen (A4)

  • This form of visa allows tourists to accompany a GCC citizen visiting Qatar to enter the country.
  • The visa fee is QR 100.
  •  A companion is unable to travel to Qatar by themselves. They are required to travel with their sponsors.

5. Hayya with Me (C)

  •  Under this program, an approved international Hayya 2022 holder may invite three other international guests to visit Qatar.
  • A “Hayya with Me” promotional code is required.
  •  There is no need for payment.
  • Accommodation is required: Hosted by family and friends; or Hotel reservation.
  • Multiple entries are permitted until January 10, 2024.
  • The last day to check out is 23 January 2024.

Is it Mandatory to have a Hayya Card to enter Qatar in 2024 after Fifa Worldcup?

The Hayya Card is no longer required for all visitors to Qatar after the conclusion of Fifa Worldcup. Visitors can now use the Hayya portal to apply for tourist and business visas. Once the Hayya Card application is approved, visitors will receive a Hayya Entry Permit and can access their Hayya Card on the mobile app.

How to Apply for a Hayya Card Visa:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Hayya Qatar.

You can easily search on search engines to find Hayya website by Searching “Hayya Qatar” or “Haya Card”.

Step 2: Select “Apply For Hayya”

Hayya Card Homepage

Step 3: Register for a Hayya account:

  • If you already have a Hayya account, sign in with your email and password but If this is your first visit, select “Click Here to Sign Up” (little writing beneath the “Sign In” button).
  •  Insert your email address. Click the”Send verification code” button.
  • You will be emailed OTP (a one-time password). Enter this to validate your email address.
  • Fill in the verification code. Click the “Verify code”button.
Registration on Hayya

Step 4: Fill in your name, surname, and password.

  • Insert your first and last name. Select and confirm a password.
  • Your Hayya account will be set up.

Step 5: Log in by entering your account information.

  • After the account has been activated, log in with the account email address and password.
  • Click the “Apply for Hayya” button.

Step 6: Choose the application category.

Firstly, choose a category for your Hayya visit via the drop-down menu.

• For the first four categories, you will be asked to choose the reason for the trip.

• When you apply for Hayya with Me, you will be prompted to input the voucher code. Add the code and press the ‘Validate my voucher’ button.

Select Category of your Hayya Visit

Step 7: Add your personal photo.

  • To upload the image, first you need to click on “I have reviewed the instructions to upload my Photo and Passport, and then upload your picture with the following instructions for smooth processing.
  • “Upload the latest high-quality picture of 30 by 40 mm in size. The image must be JPG/JPEG and no larger than 2 MB in size. To prevent rejection, read the picture criteria thoroughly.
upload your picture hayya card

Step 8: Upload your passport and fill out your information.

  • The passport information will be instantly detected and included in your application.
  • Upload the first page of the passport in full colour (as specified above).
  • If the system fails to detect your Passport, manually enter your information.
  •  If the “Validate User” option is not available, choose Passport Type.
  • Check every piece of information before validating the user.

If your passport’s last name is empty, you can use your father’s name as your last name. For verification, you must upload both the first and the last pages of the passport (as a single JPG file).

The Hayya platform may modify your application data to reflect the information on your official identity card. This is to conform to the format of the Hayya platform identification paper.

Step 9: Provide Residency Details

You must choose both your country of birth and your country of residency.

If you have applied for GOC Resident Entry or Entry with ETA, you must upload your Residence Permit Card or Residence Visa. You will also be asked to choose a profession for GOC Resident Entry.

Step 10: Choose Accommodation Details

You must now choose your type of accommodation. If you choose “Family and Friends,” your host should have already added you.

If you choose “Other Accommodation,” you must include the name of the accommodation. Booking information may be uploaded to “Upload Other Booking Platform”.

Step 11: Enter Contact Information

Now, add your cell phone number and emergency contact details.

Select the “Review & Submit” option. Follow the steps outlined in your email. You will receive email updates on your application. If your category has a cost, you will be sent a link to pay online.

When your Hayya application is approved, you will be emailed a Hayya Entry Permit. You may print this or use the digital version while traveling. If you are printing, ensure that the QR code on the Entry Permit is visible and readable.

Validity of the Hayya Card

Most Hayya admission Permits are valid for 30 days from the day of admission. ”Hayya With Me” is a multi-entry visa, which indicates travelers can enter numerous times until January 10, 2024. The last day of stay in Qatar is January 23, 2024.

Hayya Card Cost

For most visa types, the Hayya Entry Visa costs QR 100 (exceptions apply for certain countries). Hayya With Me is available for free, but a coupon is required.

Time for Approval of Hayya Card

A Hayya Card typically takes 2-4 days to get accepted. Officials declared in April 2023 that response times will be reduced to less than 48 hours.

Hayya Card Tracking

The status of your Hayya Card application may be tracked on the My Hayya platform dashboard. You must log in with the email address and password you provided when applying. You can analyze your website with following status.

Hayya StatusStatus MeaningWhat to Do
Data ErrorYou have 5 attempts to resubmitFix and Update the error and submit Again
PendingDecision is pending on your websiteJust wait for decision
DraftComplete the application Complete the application and then submit
Request for CorrectionUpdate your application and resubmit due to non complaint photo or documentUpdate the error and resubmit
CancelledYour submitted application has been cancelled.None
RejectedYou can resubmit your application for 5 times.Fix the errors and submit again
ApprovedYour Hayya application is approved.Enjoy your Visit

Error with the Hayya Card Application

The most typical cause for rejection is that the photo or passport does not meet the acceptable standards; if you receive such an error, you must reapply by taking another photo or scanning the passport again. You can contact the Hayya hotline if you encounter any further problems.

How to Obtain a Hayya Card

After your Hayya Car application has been approved, you will be able to access your Hayya Card in digital format via the Hayya mobile app.

Where Can u Get a Physical Hayya Card

Physical Hayya Cards will be phased out by 2023. It should be noted that a physical Hayya Card is no longer required. You may still use a digital card on your app to access all services.

Hayya Card Mobile Application

To use your digital card, you must first download the Hayya to Qatar app. The app may be obtained by clicking on the following links:

Customer Service & Call Center for Hayya Card

If you have any issues about the digital Hayya Card or if there is a delay in processing, please call 2022 (within Qatar) or (+974) 4441 2022 (international). You may also contact [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You can apply for a Hayya Card online at the Hayya Portal. You will need to provide your personal details, passport information, and match ticket information.

A: Yes! it is still valid and MOI extends Hayya Card validity till January 24, 2024.

A: Big No! because Hayya card is to facilitate visiting Qatar so it is not for working.

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