Hayya Entry Permit: FAQ for Qatar visa and Hayya Permit 2024

The Hayya Entry Permit is a mandatory requirement for all visitors to Qatar during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It is an electronic identification and travel document that will allow you to enter, exit, and move around Qatar during the tournament.

This FAQ will answer your questions about the Hayya Entry Permit, including how to apply, the requirements, and the cost. I will also provide you with links to the official Hayya Entry Permit website and the Qatari Ministry of Interior website, where you can find more information.

What exactly is a Hayya Entry Permit?

The Hayya Entry Permit is a document that permits international Hayya Card holders to enter Qatar. This permit was used to allow multiple admissions to Qatar from 1 November 2022 to 23 December 2022 for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

But the good news is that the Hayya Card validity has been extended until 2023. Hayya entrance Permits now enable entrance until January 10, 2024.

Is the Hayya Card the same as the Hayya Entry Permit?

The answer is No, the Hayya Entry Permit is solely necessary for entry into Qatar. It will primarily be utilized during your trip to Qatar.

The Hayya Card, on the contrary, was utilized for a variety of purposes, including entrance to stadiums, public transportation, and fan zones. International Hayya Card holders will additionally require a Hayya Entry Permit for entry into Qatar.

Will Qatari citizens be issued Hayya Entry Permits?

Qatar Residents who requested a Hayya Card with a QID number won’t be granted entrance permits. They’ll just get Hayya Cards. Individuals may continue to travel using their Qatari passports or ID cards.

Is it necessary for you to apply for the Hayya Entry Permit?

International fans who have applied for and been granted a Hayya Card will automatically obtain their Hayya Entry Permit. They are not required to apply for entrance permits.

Is the Hayya Entry Permit digital or paper?

Your Hayya Entry Permit will be delivered to you digitally. It will be emailed as a PDF file to your registered email address. The digital Hayya Permit is now available through the Hayya to Qatar 2022 app on your smartphone.

If necessary, you can print it on A4 paper using a standard printer. A paper printout will make scanning the QR code simpler.

Make sure you submit your entrance permit (digital or written copy) to the necessary immigration counters at your point of departure when asked. For the length of your tour, you can keep either a paper or digital copy.

How can you get your Hayya Entry Permit?

If your Hayya Card has been accepted, you will get an email with a PDF copy of your entry permission to Qatar. Even if you have not received your letter, you may check your Hayya to Qatar 2022 app

How can you receive a Hayya Entry Permit on your phone?

Follow the procedures below to view the admission permission on the Hayya to Qatar 2022 app:

Step 1: Install the Hayya to Qatar 2022 app on your smartphone.

You can get it from the App Store and android play store

Step 2: Enter your password and Hayya account email address to log in.

The email address and password you used to apply for Hayy will be the same here.

Step 3: Tap the “Hayya” option.

Your screen’s bottom right corner contains the icon.

Step 4: Under “My Hayya,” you may see “Hayya Entry Permit.”

If the permit link does not appear on your app, your entry permit has not yet been issued.

Hayya Entry Permit FAQ

Step 5: Select “Hayya Entry Permit.”

You may now view your admission permission. You may either utilize this digitally for trips or you may print it off.

How does the Hayya Entry Permit appear?

The admission permit includes your photo as well as a QR code. It also includes your full name, Hayya Card number, validity, and latest entry date.

If you choose, you may scan this QR code with a different mobile phone to ensure that all of your information is shown accurately. This will reveal further information.

Name, country, date of birth and gender may all be found under Personal Information. Passport Details display pass type, your passport number, and expiration date.

When can you expect to obtain your Hayya Entry Permit?

International fans who had their Hayya Card applications accepted began obtaining admission permits in the last week of October. The majority of applicants are anticipated to get them by November 1, 2022.

What should I do if my Entry Permit does not arrive?

If your Hayya Card was authorized before and you still haven’t gotten your entrance permission, please contact international assistance at (+974) 4441 2022.

Is the permit transferable to another person?

Typically, the Hayya Entry Permit is non-transferable and linked to the individual applicant.


In the ever-evolving landscape of international travel, the Hayya Entry Permit is a shining example of efficiency and convenience. Its digital format, the simplified application process, and the growing list of participating countries make it an attractive option for travellers seeking a hassle-free entry experience. This guide addresses common queries and misconceptions, illuminating the path to a smoother journey for travellers around the world. So, the next time you’re planning a trip abroad, remember the “hayya” spirit and consider the benefits of the Hayya Entry Permit.

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