How To Confirm Your Hayya Card Pending Accommodation (2024)

You must be worried about Hayya Card Pending Accommodation status. Are you an International traveller who submitted the Hayya card application but facing Hayya Card Pending Accommodation notification? Their Hayya Card application won’t be fully accepted until all the information about their accommodation is submitted and authenticated.

Here I will discuss the various alternatives for tourists to confirm their Hayya Card Pending accommodation, according to the kind of accommodation. So, let’s begin:

For those unfamiliar with the Hayya Card, it is a customized and secure identity card provided by the State of Qatar to tourists who request for entry permission via the Hayya portal.

Individuals applying for visas using the Hayya portal must have an authorized Hayya Card and a Hayya Entry Permit. Visitors must organize their own accommodation in order to gain final permission on their Hayya Cards.

How to Validate a Hayya Card Pending Accommodation

These are your alternatives if you filed for a visa using the Hayya site and the status of your application is accommodation confirmation pending.

Option 1: Use ‘Discover Qatar’ to book your accommodation

Discover Qatar is Qatar Airways’ destination management organization and a partner of Qatar Tourism. The Discover Qatar website lists hundreds of hotels and lodging alternatives.

It should be noted that in some situations, booking your hotel through Discover Qatar is mandatory. This will be determined by aspects such as your visa type, nationality, and so on.

Option 2: Make a direct reservation with the hotel.

If your visa type and nationality allow you to book your accommodation directly with a hotel or vacation rental company, you must take the following procedures to confirm your reservation:

Step 1: On the Hayya portal, go to Accommodation and choose “Upload Other Platforms Booking.”

Hayya Accommodation documents

Step 2: Accept the Legal Liability Disclaimer

Step 3: Enter the applicants and accommodation information.

[You require an accommodation category, name, address, start date, and finish date.

The Accommodation Booking Proof must be a PDF file that is less than 2 MB in size.

Step 4: Submit the reservation paperwork

Again, The Accommodation Booking Proof must be a PDF file that is less than 2 MB in size.

Step 5: Select the “Submit” option.

You will be sent an email message after your request has been evaluated and accepted, and your Hayya Card will be completely approved. Accommodation for your dependents will also be immediately guaranteed.

If your request is denied, you will be able to upload another Accommodation Booking Proof.

key points to remember:

• The uploaded file and lodging reservation address should be clear.

The name on the submitted accommodation booking paperwork must be clear and exactly the same as on your passport.

• You can only upload one Accommodation Booking Proof.

• Once added, the Accommodation Booking Proof cannot be removed or changed.

Option 3: Visiting Family and Friends

If you happen to stay with relatives or friends, the host must complete the following procedures for your Hayya Card to be approved:

1. On the Hayya site, go to Accommodation and choose “Host Family & Friends.”

2. You must agree to the terms and conditions.

accept legal liability disclaimer hayya card

3. Enter and confirm the host’s Qatar ID.

Add host QID and Date of Birth Hayya Card

4. Enter the property address and visitor information.

Add Property details and Submit application

5. Attach the property deed or renting agreement.

6. Press the “Validate” button.

Upload the accommodation details and submit hayya card

It is important to note that these actions must be completed by the host, not the guest. This should also be done before applying for a Hayya Card.

Technical Tips to Get Your Hayya Card Accommodation Approved

Try these tips if the above does not work.

  • Upload your accommodation details under the other platform booking option as you suggested.
  • Use the Third Party Website to validate your accommodation details.
  • If you’re in Qatar on days when matches are held, you can use the match day shuttle to confirm your presence.
  • If you’re lodged in a hotel, you can confirm your status by using your official hotel accommodation information.

I hope this article is helpful and your problem is solved!

For technical issues, kindly contact the Hayya Helpline at +974 4441 2022 or email [email protected].

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