Family Visit Visa Qatar Guide 2024: Everything You Need to Know

What is Family Visit Visa Qatar?

Qatar offers sponsor visas to family members of expatriates on an immediate basis. In this Family Visit Visa Qatar guide, an expatriate can invite his family including his wife, kids, or even infants for a long-term stay in Qatar. Remember that, Every family member should have an individual residence visa to arrive and stay in Qatar.

Getting a Family Visa in Qatar is quite easy, expatriates just need to meet criteria such as having an eligible profession, accommodation, and at least a minimum salary for a family visa in Qatar of QR 15000. Furthermore, applicants need to provide some documents like a birth certificate, attested marriage certificate, education documents, and bank statements as well. Let’s dig in more about how to get a family visit visa for Qatar.

Family Visa Updates:

  • Qatar’s Ministry of Interior (MOI) has announced that Hayya Card Validity is extended till January 2024 under specified conditions, Hayya card holders are given a permit to enter the country.
  • Good news! The processing of Family Visit visas is now back to normal, and you can apply online using the Metrash app. It usually takes 1-2 weeks to process a Family Visit visa.
  • Except for rare cases, MOI Centers are still not accepting walk-in visitors for RP applications or follow-ups. In March 2023, the majority of individuals who visited the Gharaffa MOI Service Centre were instructed to return after Ramadan.
  • Family Residence Visa PR applications submitted by private sector employees are still not being approved, while those from public sector employees are currently receiving approvals. It is important to note that interested parties can submit their applications through the Metrash app.

Family Visit Visa Qatar Requirements

You just need to follow a few easy steps to get visa Qatar family residence visa. It will be quite simple and easy for you because you already have been through the visa procedure and that’s why you are here in Qatar right now. Alright, the First thing you need is your valid residence permit. A professional on Qatar ID should be Specialised(non-labor) or technical of the applicant for Family Visit Visa Qatar. Sometimes, those who are doing odd jobs are not eligible to invite their family like delivery boys, drivers, etc.

Age Limit

The current age limit for issuing a family visit visa is 60 years, and the Metrash system does not accept applications for visitors above this age limit, however, eligibility can be checked in such cases.

Qatar Family Visa Requirements

Prepare your supporting documents for family visa requirements in Qatar. Some documents need attestation from the Qatar Embassy, as well as from Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can also get help from private companies for translation and attestation work. We are listing down the required documents:

  1. Attested Birth Certificates Children
  2. Attested Passport of Spouse and Children ( Front & Back Pages)
  3. Attested Marriage Certificate
  4. Attested Educational Documents
  5. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the employer stating your position and salary.
  6. Stamped Bank Statement for the last six months to prove your salary credit
Required Documents for Family Visit Visa Qatar

Note that: Visit the official MOI site for confirmation of the Family Visa Requirements in Qatar.

Health Insurance

Starting February 1, 2023, all visitors to Qatar are required to have health insurance, which can be purchased from any of the registered insurance companies listed on the MOPH website for QAR 50 per month

Qatar Family Visit Visa Salary Requirement

Salary requirement is the major part of a family visit visa in Qatar for family members to ensure that applicant can easily support his/her family. Earlier, a Salary with a minimum of QR 10,000 was eligible to invite their families, or QR 7,000 had free accommodation by the employer but now the salary limit has been increased, and the minimum salary for a family visa in Qatar is QR 15000. Still few expatriates are getting family visas at QAR 10000 Salary.

Qatar Family Visit Visa Housing Requirement

To sponsor a family visit visa in Qatar, you should have an attested tenancy contract required by the municipality if you have rented a home or apartment. Use Metrash mobile application to get an exemption.

In other cases, If you have free accommodation from your employer then you need to provide a proper contract that specifies the free accommodation for your family will be provided along with the salary.

Family Visit Visa Qatar Procedure

Everything is available online. Before applying for a family visa in Qatar, you should do some research. There are a few companies that bear the visa fee of your family but most companies do not give such privileges it is better to ask your employer so that you can save some pennies.

Following are a few steps for Qatar Family Visa Residence Permit:

  • Apply for Family Entry Visa Online or physically
  • Family Members enter Qatar on entry visas
  • Undergo the Medical Test
  • Undergo the Fingerprints Process
  • Apply for Family Residence Permit Card

Let’s discuss these steps one by one:

Apply for Family Visit Visa Qatar Online or Directly

There are two ways to get a Family Visit Visa Qatar. First, You can apply directly for a family residence visa by providing all the required documents to get the visa approved. Rest, Further formalities can be cleared after reaching Qatar. 

Another Step to getting a family residence visa is you can apply for a family visit visa Qatar and then can change into a family residence visa by paying an additional QR 500. You will need the same documents as you provided for the visit visa. 

Most importantly, Those who are working in private companies are required to provide six months’ bank statement.

Apply for Family Visit Visa through Metrash

Here you need to prove your relationship with your relatives and for that, you need to prepare the following documents if you are planning to come to Qatar on a Family visa. Here is the list when applying through Metrash2 application

  • Attested Marriage Certificate
  • Spouse Passport and Children’s passport if any.
  •  Attested Children Birth Certificate
  • Salary Bank Statement for the last six months including Bank Stamp on it.
  • Your Attested Education Certificates
  • NOC ( No Objection Certificate) from the employer including your position and salary.

Documents like Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate are not in Arabic or English then you need to translate these documents in english or arabic

For Attestation, Visit Qatar Embassy and Qatar Ministry of Affairs in your country. Some Agents or private companies also assist you with this regard.

Note that you can only upload one page in other documents, If you NOC or translated documents are more than one page then you need to merge into one page and make sure that documents should be readable.

* NOC and Translated documents will be uploaded in the “Other Document” placeholder

Here, Explaining every step with the help of images for better understanding:

  • Login into your Metrash2 Mobile Application
Metrash2 App Login page
  • Enter your QID as a username and type PIN to proceed
  • Click on Visa Icon
Visa Icon- Qatar Visit Visa Metrash
  • Click on Issue Visa
Visa Icon in Metrash Mobile App
  • Click on Family Visit Icon
Family Visit Icon in Metrash2 mobile app
  • Tick on Family Visa Application
Family Visa Application Metrash mobile app
  • Select New Application
Family Visa New Application Metrash mobile app
  • Fill up all required Details here
Fill the application form for family visit visa metrash mobile app
  • Validate after filling up the form
  • The last step is to upload all the required documents after validation.
  • Once the family visit visa gets approved, you have to pay the visa fee online.

After the Submission of the documents, you will get an update after a few days.

Apply Family Visit Visa Qatar through MOI

It is a long list of documents if you are applying directly through the Ministry of Interior (MOI) than online ( Metrash2 Mobile Application. Download the application form and complete it. Following is the required list:

  1. Attested Marriage Certificate
  2. Spouse Passport and Children’s passport if any.
  3.  Attested Children Birth Certificate
  4. Salary Bank Statement for last six months including Bank Stamp on it.
  5. Your Attested Education Certificates
  6. NOC ( No Objection Certificate) from the employer including your position and salary.
  7. Copy of your passport (Front & Back Page)
  8. Copy of Qatar ID ( Front & Back Page)
  9. Copy of Employer’s Qatar ID.
  10. Attested copy of the Tenancy Contract by Municipality stating that accommodation will be provided.

After submitting all the documents, you can view your Qatar family residence visa status. Pay QR 200 visa Metrash or by visiting the immigration office if your visa gets approved. Download your visa by visiting MOI QATAR under Visa Services.

You can see the reason on the top of the page if your family visa gets rejected for Qatar.

Apply Family Visit Visa Qatar Directly

To apply for a family visa in Qatar, You will need to visit a Qatar Visa Service Center in person to submit your application. You can download the Qatar family residence visa application form from this link and need to gather all the mentioned above documents. This form will be available in both English & Arabic Language.

Application form for Family Visit Visa Qatar
Screenshot of Family Visa From Application

Location of Immigration Department

The immigration department in Qatar is called the “General Directorate of Passports” which is possible for managing the entry and exit of travelers, issuing residency permits, and managing other immigration-related matters.

There are multiple immigration offices in different parts of Qatar for Family Visa in Qatar. There is an immigration office at Hamad International Airport and another one is Al Gharrafa Immigration Department, Doha. It is recommended to reach between 6 am to 9 am for Family Visit Visa Qatar.

Once you reach the immigration office for your Qatar family visa residence, get a token number from reception and wait for your turn. Provide them with all the supporting documents for your visa on your turn and wait for a few days to get notified.

Monday6:30 AM – 12 PM, 1-6 PM
Tuesday6:30 AM – 12 PM, 1-6 PM
Wednesday6:30 AM – 12 PM, 1-6 PM
Thursday6:30 AM – 12 PM, 1-6 PM
Sunday6:30 AM – 12 PM, 1-6 PM

What to do if Family Visit Visa for Qatar Get Rejected?

Sometimes your Family Visit Visa Qatar may get rejected whether you meet their criteria. What steps would you need to take to appeal or re-apply for the visa? You need to follow below steps:

  • Review the Rejection Reasons: You can ask the immigration department for the reason why your family visit visa was rejected. This will help you to understand and improve the rejection reason for the next attempt.
  • Reapply for your Visa: If you believe that your visa application was rejected unfairly, you can file an appeal with the immigration department. Make sure to provide all the supporting documents and evidence including a cover letter why last time your visa application was rejected and now how you addressed the issues.
  • Seek Legal Assistance: If you are having difficulty navigating the visa application process, you may seek assistance from any official lawyer or any immigration consultant who is familiar with the laws and regulations in Qatar.
  • Get a Meeting date: Once you solve the problems, get an appointment date. They will ask general questions like your qualifications and about your work profession. Bring all the original documents with you on meeting day. You will get a Qatar family visa within two days if the application gets clear.

Remember: Always follow the rules and regulations of the immigration department when applying for a Family Visit Visa Qatar.

What is an Entry Visa for Family Members?

An entry visa for family members in Qatar is a temporary visa that allows the family members( such as spouses, children, and parents) of residents and citizens in Qatar to enter and stay in the country for a specific period of time.

Family members can travel to Qatar within 90 days of visa approval. The last date of entry will be given on the visa. An entry visa is valid for 30 days only once you enter Qatar from the entry date.

You also need to provide medical tests and fingerprints. Let’s explore further:

Undergo a Medical Test for Qatar Residence Visa

If you are planning to obtain a residence visa in Qatar, you may need to undergo a medical test as part of the visa application process. The medical test is aimed to ensure that you are healthy and not harmful to the local community.

The medical test typically includes a blood test, chest X-ray, and a medical examination by a licensed physician. The tests are designed to detect diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, and HIV as well as other medical conditions that could affect public health.

List of Documents for Medical Test

General medical test documents are required for a residence visa. Sometimes it depends on the circumstances of the visa and medical test center. However, the following documents are usually required:

  • Passport: Original passport as well as a copy of the front and back page of the passport.
  • Visa Application: A copy of your Qatar Visa Application or Residency permit application.
  • Photograph: Two passport-size pictures.
  • Medical History: A brief history of your previous medical report.
  • Payment: Medical Fees may vary depending on the type of test and medical center. You have to pay it.

Medical test is conducted by the medical commission department and is located at Al Muntazah Street, off the E-Ring Road. Their working hours are from Sunday to Thursday, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Medical Test Fee For Family Residence Visa

The cost of the medical test in Qatar is QR 100 per person. Children are exempted from taking the test but their passport and visa copies must be presented to the Medical Commission. A payment of QR 100 is required to register them as healthy in the system

It is recommended that contact the medical center before going there because requirements vary according to medal test centers.

Must inform the immigration department if you convert your visit visa into residencey visa.

How to Check Family Visit Visa Medical Test Reports

To check the medical test reports for a family visit visa in Qatar, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of the Qatar Government’s Ministry of Public Health (MPOH) at
  • Click on “Health E Transactions” and select “Inquiries” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose “Visa Medical Report” and enter the QID number of the person for whom you are to check the report.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA code and click on “Search”
  • Preview your medical report now.
Medical Commision

You may also check your medical test report from Metrash mobile app after 2-3 days of the medical test.

If you are unable to access the report online, you can also visit the Medical Commission office in person to obtain a copy of the report. It is important to note that medical reports are only valid for a limited time, maybe for 3 months. So make sure to check the expiration date.

Undergo the Fingerprinting Process for Family Visit Visa Qatar

Once, you have done the Medical test. You are supposed to provide fingerprints digitally to the Ministry of Interior. You need to follow these steps:

  • Prepare all the required documents such as Sponsor’s Passport and Qatar ID copy, Blood Group report, and two passport-size pictures with blue backgrounds.
  • Book an appointment with the Qatar Visa Center (QVC).
  • Visit them on appointment day.
  • Provide your biometric information and fingerprints which will be scanned electronically.
  • Proofread your information, If it is accurate proceed next.
  • Pay the fingerprint fee, if applicable.
  • QVC will forward your biometric information to the Qatar authorities for processing.

You should have a Blood-type / Blood Group Certificate for residence permit from local clinic. It will cost you around QR 30 to 50.

CEID collects fingerprints for all Qatar residents. Get the fingerprint application from CEID and keep the receipt after the session for future purposes. CEID headquarters is located after the Industrial area flyover on Salwa road

Apply for Family Residence Permit Card

To apply for a family residence Permit Card in Qatar, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Prepare necessary documents, you need to gather all the required documents, which typically include the following
    • Fill out the application form
    • Copy of your passport and family member’s passport.
    • Copy of your Qatar ID card and your family member’s Qatar ID cards if applicable
    • Proof of your relationship with family such as marriage certificate, birth certificates, etc
    • Copy of your employment Contract and salary certificate
    • Proof of accommodation.
    • Medical Certificate for each family member.
    • Police Clearance Certificate for each member over the age of 18
  • Submit your application: you can submit your application and supporting documents to the Ministry of Interior’s General Directorate of Passports and Expatriates Affairs. You can also apply online or physically in any of the ministry service centers.
  • Pay the Fees: You will need to pay the application fee. This depends on the number of applicants.
  • Waiting for the Approval: Your Application will be reviewed by the authorities and you will be notified about the decision. This may take weeks or months.
  • Collect your residence permit: If your application is approved, you will need to collect your residence permit card from the Ministry of Interior’s service center.

Fee for Residence Permit card

See the below table for the residence permit card fee:

Qatar Residence Permit Fee ( For One Year)QR 500
Qatar Family Visa Fee ( per Dependent)QR 200
Medical Commission Test Fee ( Per Dependent)QR 100
Fee for residence Permit Car


A: Must be 25 years old, no age restriction for daughter as long as they are not married.

A: The acknowledgment receipt with the “NULL” field is normal and confirms receipt of the application, with the application details stored in the system.

A: Visa officer keeps updating your status and there is no need to worry. You will get your visa within a few days of a change in status.

A: You can renew the residence permit for your family by using metrash2 Application

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